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Three years ago I started SPEQTOR with two friends, a project management platform to bring transparency and cross-company collaboration to the German automotive supply chain. It has most recently been used by an OEM and a number of tier-one suppliers.

While I still believe in the company's mission, we ran out of runway at the end of 2019 as the industry entered into crisis.

I am currently freelancing as a full-stack developer for and as trainer for teaching Typescript and React.

I have been working with Ruby on Rails since 2012 and React since 2014, it's still my favored tech-stack.

My CV German/English


Long-term book project: Road to Reality by Roger Penrose

Fiction: Suttree by Cormac McCarthy, my favorite American author and grandmaster of Southern Gothic


I am fascinated by complex systems and their many forms, whether economies, gene expression or the brain.
This interest has led me to audit courses at the Santa Fe Institute and to think about the implications of the risks associated with complex systems for my own life.
As a result I am currently learning about localism, permaculture and homesteading.

Updated March 22nd, 2020, from Dortmund, Germany.